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Shaheen Air International Limited (SAI) is established as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. It is mandated to carry on business of air transportation of passenger and cargo. It commenced its operations as the first Pakistani private airline in December,1993.

Business needs

To keep the services optimized and for on growing business needs. They decided to manage infrastructure on a specific centralized data center that should be modular , scalable, redundant and meets the TIA standards.


We deployed complete Data center with cold aisle containment including power room. Data center was sized to consist of 10 racks with Cold Aisle containment solution, 3 x 40kW 2(N+1) Design Dual Circuit Down flow Precision cooling used in the Data Center, 2 x 60KVA Redundant UPS with long battery backup time. Centralized Comfort Cooling Solution for Power and NOC Room. NOVAC Fire Suppression and Detection System deployed with VESDA System for Data Center and Power Room.


Redundancy in each level, 99.99% efficiency, with high availability able to run 24/7 operations. Provide and maintain the TIA942 recommended Temperature and Humidity level inside cold aisle containment. Saving the Total cost of ownership. Saving utility cost up to 50%. Overall decrease the ROI value. Maintain low PUE value for efficient data center.

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