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The Indus Hospital has now evolved into a Health Network with hospitals and public health outreach clinics spread all across Pakistan serving the under-served population of Pakistan with free of charge, indiscriminate and quality treatment. To focus on creating an excellence-driven, comprehensive, compassionate, free of charge and replicable healthcare system accessible to all. To enhance and build human capacities through quality education and research.

Business needs

Technologies evolve rapidly in the medical field, All Staff Members & doctors were often trying out new equipment. Connecting these equipment to the network involved changing settings and verifying connections, and sometimes even rewiring, putting a considerable strain on the hospital’s budget. A network that requires setting changes and rewiring every time a new piece of equipment is connected cannot be called stable. Indus needed a flexible, safe, and secure network infrastructure that would allow to respond immediately to the rapid changes that occur in their field, provide independent security for each department, and be easy to manage. Indus hospital had a flat network without separation or network segmentation. Rather than separating by function, VLANs were assigned by floor. Doctors, staff, students, and medical equipment shared the same network, multiplying the attack surface and exposing the hospital to threats. Gaining visibility into suspicious behaviors on the network was challenging, and ensuring compliance and other regulations was a struggle.


Indus Hospital decide to make a Technology partner in the infrastructure domain. Now, Silicon Technology is key Consultant to make the IT Infrastructure build from scratch which include Active & Passive, Surveillance, UPS etc equipment. We assist Indus on those Project which are governed or look aftered by Indus Hospital Management. Some of success and solution are following on Indus nationwide: -D’link End-to End Solutions Which include Core/Distribution and Access Switches, IP Phones, D’link Fiber & Copper -Fortinet Firewalls to make the Network Inbound & outbound in a secure way. -HIKvision IP Surveillance Solution.

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