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Chase Up was founded in 1984 as a family owned business initially selling quality readymade garment at affordable prices. The company was considered as pioneers of introducing the concept of modern dept. store retailing in Karachi. Since then the business has continued to grow and the business model has evolved during the years up to the point where the company now falls under the category of quality discounting in the retail sector.

Business needs

Chase Up needs infrastructure cabling for IP monitoring their new warehouse and branches in Karachi, Multan, all the video streaming data should be stored in every branch and monitoring should be centralized.


Created Fiber Ring with D-link POE Switch and main connectivity on fiber with D-link layer 3 switches. More than 500 cameras are installed in Chase Up branches to monitor their environment for suspicious acts and theft. Client should have ability to access remote locations via LAN or WAN and centralizing security monitoring instead of stationing guards at each site.


IP-based system are clear to understand, and by that it mean literally better picture quality! After all, the whole point of a Video Surveillance System is to see exactly what is going on. The video surveillance is finding the new applications in the physical security and safety in the various fields. To combat with the theft along with finding the ways through the technological innovations to protect the personnel’s, group and assets.

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