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Asian Continental (Pvt.) Ltd. (ACPL) is a Pakistan-based pharmaceutical manufacturing & marketing concern, focused on producing and delivering high-quality healthcare products to the consumer. Asian Continental have had a 30-plus year relationship with Yung Shin Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical exporters of Taiwan, and that YSP has chosen ACPL as their business partner for Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East speaks volumes about our international credibility. Asian Continental relationship with YSP transcends that of a typical manufacturer and country-agent and the two companies enjoy an extremely warm working environment.

Business needs

As per growing business, supply demand, and need of industry Asian continental spread their manpower production machinery, network and other. To control and manage the rapid increase of this Hierarchy, Asian Continental planned to revamp their server room, where all data, site safety security, remote monitoring sessions, records will be taken and managed.


To control & manage rapid increase of network in limited project timelines, it was tough job. By focusing their need and timelines we proposed Centralized Integrated Modular Portable Vertiv Smart Cabinet which is plug n play, all in one solution, easy to access and manage, one window solution. This Modular smart cabinet contains integrated UPS, Cooling, Environmental monitoring, PDU’s, Power Management, sensor, Automatics fans, LTS etc.


24/7 operational environment to maintain the Data save secure and smooth operation security and monitoring on each level ,Plug and Play ,Portable, easy to relocate for remote site. No need to prepare server room, no need to include multiple vendors, Minimum downtime and installation time Reliability , modularity and scalability, Quick Recovery disaster plans & arrangement Maintain Low utility cost , ROI and PUE values.

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