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Agriauto Industries

Agriauto Industries Limited is a public limited company incorporated in 1981 and quoted on the stock exchange. The company is one of the leading automotive components manufacturers in the private sector The product range covers both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the aftermarket. Technical Collaborations with leading international companies have added to the company’s technical versatility

Business Needs

Datacenter for their new stumping plant including centralized management, enterprise computing, fire suppression and detection system with RFID for non-authorize person.


Installation for FM200 Fire Suppression & Detection System for any fire incidents .Racks were installed with IBM servers and storage (SAN) in it, the connectivity between racks and RFID system installed on doors for unauthorized access in datacenter. Sky control is installed for maintaining the temperature and humidity inside datacenter. A proper Network Cabling from data center to all their departments.


Centralized environment with network infrastructure managed for IT administrator. None authorize persons are not allowed in Datacenter .Ready for any fire incidents. All their data has been stored and managed by single platform. Accurate temperature is maintained inside datacenter with less humidity.

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